Kenwood TK-3201

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On Ebay i found a Kenwood TK-3201 in a very poor condition for a low price.

So i bought it and let’s get it back to life!

The problems i found on the radio:

  • Very dirty/dusty with metal and rustparticles/dust
  • Volume knob missing
  • Very poor modulation
  • broken corner piece of the battery

The state the radio was when i received it:

Broken off battery corner:

Rust particles in the speaker grill:

I already had the programming cable from the Baofeng BF-888S radio’s so they came in handy with the Kenwood and the Kenwood programming software:

It came with the premium Li-Ion battery pack

Took the radio apart for a good cleanup. Inside was like new and dustfree. Kenwood seals these units very good:

Time for a bath and a good scrub!

A damaged microphone! It is pushed/dented in so it can’t resonate freely so it modulated very poorly:

I found a identical microphone in my partsbin so the old one has to go!

desoldered the damaged microphone:

And in with the new!

Put everything together:

And it looks much better then before!

I ordered new knobs. They will arrive later by mail. The broken off corner piece is filled up now with black rubber.

New volume knob:

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