X30XE 3.0 24v V6 Conversion

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The 2.0 16v 150 BHP is a strong and powerfull engine, although you can see it age compared to modern turbocharged cars when acceleration. Where the turbocharged engine develop a lot of torque at low rpm’s the atmospheric aspirated C20XE engine gives it power at much higher RPM’s.

So i want to convert my C20XE astra to a V6 engine.  The engine is pulled from a breakers yard out of an Opel Omega MV6. That is a 3.0 24v engine wich delivers 211 bhp in stock form. The engine must be modified to fit the Astra. I will put on all the accessories from a 2,5L V6 engine out of an Calibra V6. These manifolds are shorter and will provide some more power to the lighter Astra in stead of the long bulky manifolds from the Omega which are designed for torque.

The 5 speed F20 transmission will be swapped out with an 6 speed F28 transmission from a 4 cilinder Calibra turbo engine. Because a 4 cilinder engine block is longer than a V6 engine i need to use a spacer between the transmission and the engine block to make up for this difference.


It is a good maintained engine. All clean inside, no sludge. I am very pleased:

Painting the engine with heat resistant paint:

Cleaned the heads and block and placed new head gaskets:

Replacing the timing belt:

Engine ready for installing!

Bought myself a Motronic computer from a Vectra-A V6. The Eprom will be changed out with a custom one:

Mounting some parts on my X30XE engine:

Building a custom wire loom:

The F28 transmisison belongs to a 4X4 system with a transfer case. I only have front wheel drive so i need to convert the transmission to 2WD:

Test fitting the transmission on a block to test the spacer between the engine and transmission:

Time to pull the old C20XE engine out of the car to make room for the V6:

Yes. It fits!

I have a lot of work to do with the electronics:

Radiator is slightly moved forward to clear the engine:

Some testing on a circuit track to make it road legal:

Car is registered. Now we are going to make or own custom stainless headers and exhaust system:

Mounted new lightweight flywheel and bigger clutch and also another better spacer between block and transmission:

The car had some troubles with torque steering, so i replaced the stock driveshaft with a split one. This solved the problem:

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