Opel Corsa-D display security code reset

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This project is about the Triple Info Displays found on Opel Corsa D cars. When they go bad or you want to change them out with a used replacement display you will encounter a problem with the CAN bus security.

The display is programmed with a 4 digit code which must be the same throughout all the control units in the car, like radio, climate controls, instruments, ECU and many others. When you change out the display from another car you will find out that you got an error message because the numbers don’t match up anymore.

The Opel dealer can reset the display to a state where it can be reprogrammed with the security code of your car. But if you don;t know the code from the parts car you get the display from then it will cost some money to lookup the code and use that code to reset the display.

What i have here is the dump file from a cleared display. This means the display is in a programmable state (like a new fresh one) which you can put in your car and program it with the securito code from your car using TECH 2 or OPCOM.

download link to BIN-File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x3goko90izq2qgh/Dumpunlock.bin?dl=0

This is the display we are talking about

This is the PCB with the chip containing the code :
Using a special clip and programmer to read/write the data from the chip.
Comparing the code between a cleared and a programmed display

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