BTH PSE 30/1 Power supply

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I found this adjustable power supply in a thrift store. By the looks of its case i would guess that it was made in the 70’s. There where some things wrong with it. Like the cut off current adjuster pot, missing switch to select what the meter is displaying and it only gave 15 volt max.

After opening the case i found the meter select switch on the inside. So i mounted it back to the front panel. The max voltage was adjustable on the PCB with a pot so that was easy too.

Then it was time to replace the pots on the front panel and find some new knobs that fit. After these repairs the power supply works again like it should.

But some questions i still have:

  • Who knows more about the brand BTH. I could not find anything on the internet,
  • Anybody with more information about these unit please leave a reply

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