Coolant leak and Pertronix Ignitor

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The Buick started to leak some coolant.  It had a bad radiator hose and a leaking thermostat housing.  The metal of the thermostat housing was very rusted and pitted so i ordered new parts. They look better and it will give me a better seal.


The leaking upper radiator hose:

The rusted thermostat housing:

Thermostat itself does not look any better:

New thermostat in place:

I had some troubles with the points and condenser ignition system.  I replaced them with a Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition. It senses the lobes on the rotor shaft.

I was a bit in doubt if this will work. The lobes are very shallow. But i was wrong. It worked very good!

On this picture you see the pertronix igniter mounted on the distributor base plate very close to the rotor shaft:

After installing the electronic ignition i need to check the ignition timing again:

After topping of the cooling system and adjusting the ignition timing it runs great again with hopefully no leaks:

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