Mounting LCD Digidash in the Astra GSi

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The Opel Kadett GSi from the eighties was optionally equipped with a digital LCD instrument panel. This was a very cool feature in those days and it still is a cool thing to see. The Astra GSi was not available with an LCD instrument. So time to make an old Kadett LCD fit in the Astra!

We start out with a bone stock Kadett LCD and take it to bits:

We also need a speed pulse generator that bolts on the transmission to generate the speedo signal and we need an oil pressure sensor:

Then we need to hack up the front mask of the Astra instruments to glue in the mask of the LCD display:

Then we need to modify the odometer. The reset push pin is in a wrong position to fit the hole of the Astra cluster. The way to solve this is replace the reset pin shaft with a longer one that i ripped out of an old speedometer. This way the reset pin can be relocated exactly on the right spot for the Astra cluster:

Then it is time to put everything together and make a backplate which adapts the Astra connectors to the Kadett LCD Panel:

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